Eye-Candy Beyond Your Dreams.

Would you recognize the finest collection of vintage advertising art if it walked across your visual field? Many thousands of hours have been invested to bring you this one-of-a-kind collection in a single 529-page volume. By fulfilling one man’s dream to deliver the most scintillating sequence of commercial works ever assembled, rest assured your optimal capacity for visual entertainment has been carefully calculated, and more likely exceeded. Quite simply, no other collection in the world comes close. Whether you are interested in where Shell gasoline got its name, or how Philips Electronics began as a father and son light bulb business, The Poster Book promises poetically scripted style and substance, providing a unique international art history education while dazzling your retina with brilliantly conceived images.

Beautifully crafted in a cloth-bound production with debossed lettering, the Poster Book hosts a gold-gilded text-block printed on 140 gsm fine art paper. Its Table of Contents consists of nine subject categories including Transportation, Fashion, Products, Food & Drink, Travel, Politics & War, Arts & Entertainment, Sports, and Scenic. Each such section consists of seventy-five images, each carefully sequenced for optimal pleasure and education. Test drive a high-resolution excerpt of The Poster Book from our download page.

Captivating Style.

Many people enrich their lives through art and education. The Posterbook's poetic style and substance combines biographical details regarding the lives of artists and the companies that hired their abstract genius for popular product campaigns.
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Exquisite Selection.


Purveyors of vintage posters find the colorful sparks of conceptual brilliance distilled by commercial art, utterly irresistible. Retail motives combined with visual metaphors and abstract symbolism have generated galaxies of tantalizing works. This has led to authentic European posters becoming highly collectible items, often exhibited in museums, and fetching thousands of dollars at auction. Aside from making good investments, vintage posters carry a distinct cachet similar to an antique, but one that has achieved a different path of distinction.

Education Meets Entertainment

Many people enrich their lives through education. The Poster Book’s poetic style and substance combines biographical details regarding the lives of artists and the companies that hired their abstract genius for popular products and services. Airlines such as Air france or Pan Am were famous for their art. A.M. Cassandre was one such genius of the period. Other giants of Europe included Jean Carlu, Paul Colin, Pierre Fix-Masseau of France, and Giuseppe Riccobaldi, Severo Pozzati, and Achilles Mauzan of Italy. Switzerland’s legendary talents included Herbert Lupin, Herbert Matter, and Otto Baumberger. Many fabulous commercial works remain forever anonymous.

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Extra Highlights.

Without a doubt the most influential posterist of Sweden, his 1939 founding of Beckman College still resounds today. Highly active
This esteemed talent was Director of the Arts Décoratifs School in Zurich. His in-depth knowledge of graphics and lithography made
  The Air France Museum preserves and distributes all historical writings, documentation, and art works relating to the the company