The 529-Page Platinum Edition.

Once in a blue moon, a new standard of excellence breaks the mold, inspiring another level of greatness unanticipated by previous efforts. Such a time has arrived for admirers of elite vintage advertising. From the commercial minds of vintage advertising geniuses such as A.M. Cassandre, Mario Puppo, Severo Pozzati, Herve Morvan, and Bernard Villemot to name a few, comes an unending parade of the most provocative and titillating advertising art of the pre-television era. Flashback to an earlier time before computer graphics and Adobe software, and enter the poetic vision and abstract sales psychology of internationally renowned posterists whose humor and wit were unsurpassed. This elite collection against which all future works shall be weighed is the 529-page Platinum Edition of The Poster Book. Designed from the inside-out to provide the richest eye-candy per square inch of visual-field across nine unique subject categories, its superlative design and award-winning production house guarantees endless hours of intoxicating indulgence. Quite simply, no other collection in the world comes close.

The Poster Book’s 672 carefully curated images and biographical data have been hand-picked from tens of thousands and organized by nine subject headings, including Transportation, Fashion, Products, Food & Drink, Travel, Politics & War, Arts & Entertainment, Sports, and Scenic. Readers will enjoy the wide-spectrum of educational entertainment as every image offers an accompanying text field, informing them about the life of the artist and the history of the company whose product or service was advertised. Whether you are interested in where Shell gasoline got its name, or how Philips Electronics began as a father and son light bulb business in the Netherlands, The Poster Book promises poetically scripted style and substance that will enhance your international art appreciation and knowledge of unique historical facts.